Access to conference rooms, presentation rooms, meeting campus, conference room, hotel lobby, convention campus and restaurants. This will make your meeting sessions more dynamic.

Variation between the number of people that can connect simultaneously, and time limitations for meetings, will be outlined in the package options below:


- 3 worlds.

- 10 participants.

- The session can take up to 40 minutes long.


- 10 worlds.

- 25 participants per session.

- Unlimited time for 1 month.

- Unlimited daily use for the life of the plan


- More than 30 worlds

- 25 participants per session.

- Unlimited daily use for the life of the plan

- Includes customization with your brand's logo and banners


Connectivity via desktop or laptop using Google Chrome browser. You don’t need to download any software or create passwords for login.

Multiple users can get the same customizable URL to join a meeting, no username or password required.

Each participant logs in with their name and becomes a customizable avatar with different physical appearances and outfits.

Unlimited use for 25 different people per session; the next session may have a different selection of participants.

8 highly realistic 3D virtual corporate environments both indoors and outdoors.

Each avatar is able to move within the different worlds, this includes the ability to: walk, run, sit, raise hand, laser aim, and more.

You will be able to use your webcam, shared screen, teleportation of avatars to different worlds and participant counter functionality.

Collapsible live chat at the bottom of the screen, where participants can post comments and questions.

Multimedia display boards (billboards) for uploading presentations contents such as PDF, images, video, and live stream.

Other groups can view sessions broadcast in separate rooms.

Bubble Speech, World Speech, and Global Speech functions to divide participants into groups.

Branding and customization with customer logos and banners in selected worlds.



Google Chrome browser installed on desktop or laptop.

High speed Internet connection, minimum of 10 megabytes per second.

Webcam and microphone on desktop or laptop.


3Dexpo Convention

Hold your business conventions virtually with: exhibitors, participants, auditorium, conference rooms, business rooms, trade shows, webinars and much more.

Customization services

We build personalized 3D environments, according to the needs of your company and your event


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