Read closely the following Terms and Conditions before using any of the services offered in our Website. 


  • Consumers: any natural person who, as the final recipient, uses the Web site to request through it, a paid mandate, the order of which consists on the conclusion of a sales contract or any other type of lawful contract, in order to acquire goods or services.
  • Paid mandate contract concluded by electronic means: that agreement of wills entered between the Consumer and the Mandatary, by means of which the Consumer requests, through the Website, the management of an order from the Mandatary, the latter being obliged to comply with said order at the Mandatary's own risk and expense, in exchange for receiving remuneration as consideration.
  • Cookies: text strings sent virtually, they are stored by the use of the Website, they are used to consult the activities and preferences of users.
  • Personal Data: it is all the information that allows to identify or make identifiable a natural person.
  • Web Page Interaction: faculty of access by Consumers to know the products and services exhibited by, the advertising made available on the Website and express their willingness to request an order.
  • Mandatary: legal person that accepts to carry out the management of the order requested by the Consumer through the Website.
  • Data messages: the information generated, sent, received, stored or communicated by electronic, optical or similar means, such as, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Internet, email, telegram, telex or telefax.
  • Website: it is the internet site or platform, it allows navigability and it will be managed by MS INTERNATIONAL USA, operationally and functionally, who will be the legal person in charge of all legal and commercial purposes. It will also be the natural or legal person that it designates. Consumers may use the Website exclusively for their personal use, without this implying the granting of a license of the Website's technology of any kind.
  • Payment Gateway: service that allows Consumers to make payments directly to the Mandatary, through electronic means using technological Web Pages (software).
  • Advertising: It is any form of communication made by MS INTERNATIONAL USA, in order to provide information about products, commercial activities and communicate advertising, marketing strategies or campaigns, its own or other third parties; made as a reference mechanism and not as a public offer. will only be responsible for the communications and / or notifications sent from the channels established for that purpose. will not be held responsible for the user or third parties for messages and communications sent from channels that does not recognize as its own.
  • Services and Products: services displayed at the Website and any other that is available through it; as well as all goods for mass consumption or not, exhibited in the Website.
  • Website Terms and Conditions of use: they constitute the terms that must regulate the use that Consumers give to the Website, as well as the contractual relationships that may be generated between Consumers and Mandataries.
  • Pop-Ups: Internet window or notification that automatically pops up at any time when the Website is used, is especially used for the formalization of the mandate contract between Consumers and Mandataries.


The virtual site was created by the commercial company MS INTERNATIONAL USA, a technology company and legally incorporated company, with its main domicile in the city of Miramar, Florida, United States of America, belongs to the MEDIOS Y SOLUCIONES HOLDING GROUP business group, and who will henceforth be the Representative of the Website and Mandatary.


This document describes the "General Terms and Conditions" applicable to the use of the services offered by MS INTERNATIONAL USA, 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and "the Website". For this reason, any person who wishes to access and / or use the site or services may do so subjected to the General Terms and Conditions, along with all other policies and principles that govern 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and that are incorporated into this document by reference. ACCEPTANCE OF THE GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS IS MANDATORY, THOSE WHO DO NOT ACCEPT THEM SHOULD REFRAIN FROM USING THE SITE AND / OR THE SERVICES.

The User must read, understand and accept all the conditions established in the General Terms and Conditions in the Privacy Policies, as well as in the rest of the documents incorporated therein by reference, prior to their registration as a User of 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM.


The following Terms and Conditions regulate the services or products offered on the 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM Website, which are only available to people who have the legal capacity to make a legal contract. People who do not have that capacity, that is, minors, will not be able to use the services. If a participant is registering as a Company, they must have the capacity to contract on behalf of such entity and to bind it under the terms of this agreement.

These Terms and Conditions regulate the authorization of use granted by 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and / or MS INTERNATIONAL USA to Consumers, so that they enter the virtual Website, get informed about the consumer products displayed, use them as a reference, and participate and request access to services through a mandate contract with the Mandatary.

3DEXPOEVENTS.COM, through the Website, carries out the following activities: i) exhibits different consumer products and services in an advertising way so that they can serve as a reference to Consumers, ii) facilitates the encounter between Consumers and Mandatory for the realization of the contractual bound, iii) allows the use of the payment website. iv) serves as a means of sending communications between Consumers and the Mandatary.


The products and services exhibited by 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and / or MS INTERNATIONAL USA are licensed products for use of a real-time 3D virtual meeting and event platform. All products have an overview; This description is made by 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and / or MS INTERNATIONAL USA, based on legal viewing practices. The availability will be defined in each specific case at the time that the Mandatary manages the order of the product with official Suppliers. Within the execution of the mandate contract, the Consumer will determine what action the Mandatary must take in the event that the requested product or products are not found, between: (i) Fulfill the order excluding the requested product or products not found, in that event the charge will be discounted from the total value of the order and, in case of requesting only one product and that it is not available, you must choose between canceling the order or fulfilling a substitute similar in price and type; (ii) Communicate with the Consumer to arrange compliance with a substitute product; and (iii) Authorize the Mandatary to supply a similar product in price and type.

It is clear to the Consumer that 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM is not a producer, supplier, vendor, agent, distributor and, in general, any type of marketer of the products it exhibits, since it operates only as a technological Web Page that allows Consumers to meet and the Mandatary, (MS INTERNATIONAL USA), for the order management. When, due to errors of a technological nature, incorrect prices of the products are displayed on the Website, which are obviously disproportionate, compared to the price of the product in the market, 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and / or MS INTERNATIONAL USA may cancel the order (s) made of products with these prices, at its free discretion and with full autonomy.  3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and / or MS INTERNATIONAL USA reserve the right to update, modify and / or discontinue the products displayed on the Website.


MS INTERNATIONAL USA exhibits through the page consumer products, which are available to Consumers, for their general knowledge. This communication of products works as a reference to Consumers for the purchase order, using the Website as a means to request the management of a purchase order, entering into a paid mandate contract with the Mandatary. For requesting a management process of the purchase order, Consumers must be fully identified in their User Account and follow the following procedure:

a.   Go to the Website and register.

b.   Select the product. Once selected, the characteristics and total value of the product will become available to the Consumer, by displaying photographs and reference notes that allow full individualization of the product for the detailed analysis of the Consumer.

c.   Product validation. Once the previous is completed, MS INTERNATIONAL USA must present the consumer a summary of the product in terms of its general conditions, such as the brand and the presentation supplied. In this way, the Consumer will be able to validate and confirm the information and selected product.

d.   Add product to the shopping cart. This income corresponds to the unequivocal desire of the Consumer to request the management of an order consisting of acquiring a specific product, with the characteristics of this sufficiently informed previously and having the possibility of acquiring it or not. MS INTERNATIONAL USA, through its page, has total autonomy to limit the entry of products to the shopping cart due to quantity.

e.  Value. Once the preceding steps have been completed, the amount to be paid for the management of the requested order is now available to the Consumer, consisting of the purchase of the selected products. Said value reflects: i) remuneration for the mandate; ii) the amount to be paid for the management, which is discriminated individually and as a whole for all products for which acquisition was requested. The value to pay corresponds to the total value of products purchased, including transaction costs and taxes. reserves the right to increase, up to ten percent (10%) the prices of the products in the stores of its partners. The user acknowledges and accepts the previous condition and will not make any type of claim against for additional charges to the prices that are reflected in sales invoices. The additional values will be charged as a "service fee" for the use of the virtual Website. In case the delivery of the electronic purchase invoice is require, you must request the Mandatary to deliver it. The order / purchase is understood to be completed, and therefore carried out, once the Mandatory delivers the products to the Consumer, as long as the order is processed and finalized. In the event that, for any reason, the Consumer requests a refund of their money, it will be charged and returned as a balance in their favor.

f.   Payment method. By electronic payment or transfer using the information available through the Website. The user will have the obligation to verify each credit / debit card that he registers within his account on the virtual Website, in accordance with the procedure stipulated and available on it.

g. Registration. The User (Consumer) must create its own personal account in which personal data will be required to allow their identification, but not their individualization, in addition to the data for making payments through the payment gateway, in case of choosing Credit card payments.

h. Summary and Email. Once the previous steps have been completed, a detailed summary of the transaction and the complete information of the Mandatary who has agreed to manage the requested order, and with which the mandate contract is entered into, is displayed to the Consumer through a pop-up window. This summary will be sent via email to the Consumer with the detailed information.

i. Summary of the order. In any case, the summary of the requested order, with the details of the transaction, will be sent via email. does not issue invoices since it is only a virtual website that does not market products or services directly. The direct seller of the products and services is the third party, with whom the Mandatary enters into a contract at the Consumer's risk and expense. In this way, in case of requiring the invoice for the purchase of the products.  The user must inform the Mandatary, either by chat on the virtual website or by phone, that he / she wishes to receive the invoice for the products that the Mandatary purchased. in any commercial establishment. will not be responsible for the delivery of invoices and the user must contact the Mandatary directly, since it is the latter who carries out the order requested by the Consumer.

The services provided by the Mandatary directly, through the Diligence button, are excluded from this request since there is no obligation to issue an invoice.

j. Delivery. Once all the data corresponding to the transaction and the product delivery coverage have been verified, the Mandatary will deliver it to the address provided, and within the term defined at the end of the operation, the products purchased by virtue of the requested order. In the event that delivery cannot be made for reasons attributable to the Consumer, the Mandatary must record this fact. 

The completion of the mandate contract concluded by electronic means happens at the time that the Mandatary delivers the order made to the Consumer.


The Consumer understands and accepts that the legal relationship of mandate is generated directly with the Mandataries, therefore, warranty claims must be made directly to the Mandatary, who have the obligation to respond for the order management. 


Consumers use the products displayed on the Website as a reference for the purchase order, having as a necessary condition the creation of a User Account, where personal information such as name, date of birth, telephone, address, email and citizenship card will be required. It is forbidden to have more than one (1) account related to any of the previously mentioned data. This information is used to fully identify people who intend to carry out the order to the Mandatary and in this way acquire the products, for compliance with these Terms and Conditions, for the prevention of fraud, to link the Consumer with the Mandatary and, in general, for the purposes defined in the information management section.

Consumers may, in addition to the mandatory and optional information required at the time of then account creation, voluntarily provide more data related to their individualization at the time they create their own Profile within the Website.

Usage of the Account is personal and non-transferable, for which Consumers are not authorized to transfer the validation data to access the Website, nor the use of their account to any type of third parties. Failure to comply with the above will lead to the suspension and definitive blocking of the account (includes email and personal identification number). In the event of forgetting the validation data or in case of usurpation, it is the Consumer's obligation to inform 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and / or MS INTERNATIONAL USA through the option "Forgot your password" or through communication sent to the email support@

User accounts will be managed by MS INTERNATIONAL USA or by the person designated by it, having full power to retain or not the account, when the information provided by Consumers is not true, complete or secure, or when it represents a breach of the obligations of the Consumers. At no time will MS INTERNATIONAL USA ask the Consumer for information that is NOT necessary for their relationship with the Mandatary and for the facilitation of payment. Therefore, the debit or credit card data will only be requested when making a virtual payment, if that is the payment method desired by the Consumer.

By creating the User Account, Consumers are expressing their willingness to expressly and unequivocally accept these Website Terms and Conditions of use, as well as the Personal Data Processing Policy of

The Consumer expressly authorizes the moment of acceptance of the present Terms, the use of Cookies by MS INTERNATIONAL USA in all the activity carried out by the Website.


By accepting these Terms, the Consumer agrees to: (1) Provide true and reliable information when creating their User Account; (2) Refrain from transferring validation data (username and password) to third parties; (3) Refrain from using the Website to carry out acts contrary to morality, the law, public order and good customs, against MS INTERNATIONAL USA, the Mandatary or third parties; (4) To pay in a timely manner the Mandatary the economic consideration defined in the mandate contract; (5) Immediately inform MS INTERNATIONAL USA in case of forgetting or usurpation of the validation data; (6) Refrain from engaging in conduct that is detrimental to the operation of the Website; (7) Refrain from impersonating other Consumers; (8) Refrain from deciphering, decompiling or disassembling any element of the Website or any of its parts; (9) Enable the use of pop-up windows during operation; (10) In general, all those conducts necessary for the execution of the legal business, such as i) reception of the requested products, ii) display identification in the event of sale of restricted-use products, iii) verify at the time of validation that the selected products do correspond to those in need, iv) learn about the instructions of use and consumption of the products.


By virtue of these terms, 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and / or MS INTERNATIONAL USA, it’s obligated to (1) Provide true, reliable, sufficient, clear and updated information regarding the products exhibit; (2) Indicate the general features and characteristics of the product to work as a reference to Consumers, for brand and presentation purposes ; (3) Inform sufficiently about the means and payments methods enabled for Consumers; (4) Inform at the indicated time and with sufficiency the data of the Mandataries with whom the Consumers have to be into the mandate contract; (5) Send to the email provided by the Consumer a summary of the order and proof of the transaction; (6) Make the Website terms and conditions of use available to Consumers in an updated manner; (7) Use the information only for the purposes established in these terms; (8) Use information and validation mechanisms during the transaction such as pop-ups, which allow the Consumer to accept or decline each step of the purchase process.


Any delay in the performance of any duty or obligation of either party (except the payment of money owed) will not be considered a breach of these Terms and Conditions if such delay is caused by a labor dispute, shortage of materials, a fire, an earthquake. . . . , a flood, or any other event beyond the reasonable control of such parties (provided that such party makes reasonable efforts, under the circumstances, to notify the other party of the circumstances that caused the delay and resume performance as soon as possible).


Through the website, 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and / or MS INTERNATIONAL USA may make commercial and advertising information available to Consumers, for their own or from third parties, in accordance with good commercial customs.

In these cases, 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and / or MS INTERNATIONAL USA do not endorse, guarantee or compromise their responsibility for the services and / or products that are marketed by these third parties, since the Website serves as a communication and advertising channel, but not as a service delivery tool. Consequently, it is the Consumers' total responsibility to access those websites that the advertising sends, assuming the obligation to verify and know the Terms of the services offered by third parties.

All the information made available on the Website, such as images, advertising, names, brands, slogans and other elements of intellectual property are legitimately used by and / or MS INTERNATIONAL USA, either because they are their property, because they have authorization to make them available, or because they are empowered to do so.


MS INTERNATIONAL USA, manages directly, or through third parties, the Website and all the information that is communicated in it, which corresponds to true and updated information. In no case will it be liable or respond for direct or indirect damages suffered by the Consumer due to the use or inability to use the Website.

The Website is available 24 hours a day for access and consultation. 

To carry out transactions, the availability of the Website is 24 hours a day. Depending on the availability of the Mandatary. 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and / or MS INTERNATIONAL USA make the best efforts to keep the Website in operation, but in no case do they guarantee availability and permanent continuity of the Website.

3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and / or MS INTERNATIONAL USA reserve the right to cancel user accounts and / or to forbid access to the Website to Consumers who carry out conduct in violation of these terms or who breach the obligations contracted.


The information collected at 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and / or MS INTERNATIONAL USA to create order request is provided by Consumers freely and voluntarily, so that it can be managed by 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and / or MS INTERNATIONAL USA or by whoever it designates, for the fulfillment of the acquired duties, which implies their collection, storage in servers or repositories of 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and / or MS INTERNATIONAL USA or third parties; circulation of the same within the organization of 3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and / or MS INTERNATIONAL USA; communication to Consumers commercial, advertising and marketing information related to their commercial activity.

Likewise, the data collected will be analyzed in order to improve the business strategy of the Website, supported by business intelligence and data mining tools, which allow acquiring prospective knowledge for prediction, classification and segmentation purposes.

The Consumer may exercise their right to know, update, modify and delete personal data existing in the databases associated with the Website. To do this, you must make a request for consultation, claim or deletion to the email address, indicating the modifications to be made and providing the supporting documents.

3DEXPOEVENTS.COM and / or MS INTERNATIONAL USA are held responsible for the treatment of personal information collected through the web portal, a responsibility that may be delegated to a third party, as the person in charge or in charge of the information, contractually ensuring adequate treatment of this.


The interpretation of this document will be made in accordance with the laws of the host country of MS INTERNATIONAL USA. If you have any concerns or disputes about the Service, you agree to first attempt to resolve the dispute informally by contacting MS INTERNATIONAL USA.


You declare and warrant that (i) you are not located in a country that is subject to embargo by the United States Government, or that has been designated by the United States Government as a country that supports terrorists, and (ii) it’s not on any United States Government prohibition or restriction list.


The Consumer expressly declares that they have legal capacity to use the Website and to carry out commercial transactions that may be generated with the Mandatary. Likewise, it states that it has provided real, truthful and reliable information; Therefore, you expressly and unequivocally declare that you have read, that you understand and that you accept all the situations regulated in this Web Site Terms and Conditions of Use document, for which you compromise to fully comply with your duties, obligations, actions and omissions expressed herein.


MS INTERNATIONAL USA may autonomously modify at any time formal, procedural or substantial aspects, these Website Terms and Conditions of use, which will be updated and become available to Consumers on the Website, being the latest version published the one which will regulate the commercial relations that are generated at the time of the transaction. Likewise, MS INTERNATIONAL USA has full autonomy to modify the uses of the Website allowed to Consumers, with the only duty of informing it by a virtual means that allows its publication and communication to the public.